What We Will Do

The Foltz Folklife Foundation will have 3 components:

1 – Education

From classes, seminars, educational programming, K-12 partnerships, and an online learning library we plan on focusing our efforts to help preserve and promote the folklife & arts traditions through an exceptional educational experience that we will strategically develop over time.

2 – Historic Preservation

By preserving a large portion of Ned & Gwen’s personal collection and unique properties, in addition to highlighting the many collections of our friends and family, we plan to have a museum space with rotating exhibits, seminars, and speakers, and document the lives and work of these artists and folk heroes.

3 – Promotion of the Arts

The promotion of the folk arts and life will begin with helping those who are living it right now. We want to come alongside artists, musicians, craftspeople, teachers, folklorists, historians, and enthusiasts alike to be a resource, and an encouragement as they share their passion and talents with the world. We’ll do this by hosting and promoting shows and events in addition to educational resources and other initiatives.


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