Your Personal Invitation ~

Dear Friends,

On May 13, 2017 at the Foltz Pottery Shop in Reinholds, Pennsylvania, Ned & Gwen Foltz, will be having an auction of some of their own pieces of Foltz Pottery they have kept over the past 50 years.

Since many friends, family, and customers will be in attendance for the auction, we want to take the opportunity to introduce the beginning of something wonderful.

A small group of close friends and family of Ned & Gwen want to invite you to be part of the first chapter of a story that has been over 55 years in the making. This group is launching an organization with the purpose of preserving the tradition of joy, hospitality, and creativity that Ned & Gwen have fed (sometimes literally) into our lives.

This is NOT a new chapter of Foltz Pottery. Ned and his pottery will continue to share his passion with the rest of us for as long as he is able. While this new organization is totally independent of Foltz Pottery, one of our functions will be to help Ned & Gwen continue in their trade. However, there is much more in store for you and all those wacky, wonderful people who have a passion for folk arts and folklife.

If you share that passion, and we have peaked your curiosity, we encourage you to join us on May 13 in Reinholds. We will unveil the organization, mission, and vision right before the auction begins.

We hope you are able to attend the unveiling. We promise what we have to share with you will be worth the trip.

(And of course, there will be food)

Humbly and gratefully,
The Foltz Folklife Foundation Board of Directors

Sam Shoemaker, President
Justin Hulshizer, Vice President
Regina Foltz, Secretary
Linda Shoemaker, Treasurer
Lisa Ochs, Director