Become Foltz Folk

Who are the Foltz Folk?

The Foltz Folklife Foundation was founded by the extended Foltz Pottery family. That “family” consists of relatives, friends, and even customers. We call it a family because in many ways that’s exactly what we are.

We realize that in order to grow our influence, we need to grow our family. So who are the Foltz Folk? Foltz Folk are those who catch our vision and desire to get involved. Whether they are financially supporting or volunteering precious time and energy, anyone who helps us move forward is a part of the family or Foltz Folk.

How do I become Foltz Folk?

There are two ways you can become Foltz Folk. When you become Foltz Folk you will be invited to join us for our special Foltz Folk meetings, and with any donation over $50 you’ll get a Free Foltz Folklife T-shirt.

1) Financial Support

Your contribution, no matter the size, will help us move forward in major ways. Visit –

2) Time & Energy

We want our Foltz Folklife family of friendly volunteers to be a powerful force that brings joy to people’s lives. Visit –